Computational Chemistry That Matters

We are co-developing novel therapeutic assets for IBD and immuno-oncology, and establishing partnerships for milestone-driven research with Biotech and Pharma firms.


Drug Discovery Now

Basic research is expanding our understanding of biology by revealing new disease-mediating biological pathways and illuminating new ways to drug biological systems.

This creates new but challenging therapeutic opportunities in both existing and emerging spaces.


A Dynamic Solution

Drug targets are actually dynamic, shape-shifting machines.

Redesign models this dynamic motion to enhance our understanding of these machines. This enables discovery of diverse small molecule therapeutics, maximizes odds of clinical success, and preempts competition.


Efficient Dynamics Simulation

A single protein simulation is composed of thousands of microsecond simulations, deployed on the cloud and executed in parallel.

Biological Timescale

By integrating these computationally tractable protein simulations, we can model biologically relevant timescales with unprecedented efficiency.