The Redesign Science Team

Redesign Science has a co-founder focused on business development and a co-founder focused on scaling technology, and is developing five hires to aggressively expand operations.




David Rooklin, PhD

Chief of business development,
Inventor of AlphaSpace


Haotian Li

Chief platform architect, Cloud-based scaling and parallelism


Our Team


W Vallen Graham, PhD

Founder, Thelium Therapeutics


Brian PetKov

PhD Candidate, NYU




PhD Candidate, Wash.U



Tom Weingarten, PhD

Engineering Manager, Google


Francois Nader. ND/MBA

Chairman, Acceleron Pharma


Michal VotRuba

RSJ - Life Science


Redesign Science is a computational chemistry company building a best-in-class solution for early-stage small molecule drug discovery.